The GAIA range is inspired by the earth and its elements and is thus named after the Greek goddess GAIA, who is the mythological goddess of the earth. The product range consists of wall decorations and lanterns.

The wall decorations are round as the earth, and the organic lines are created to break up the angular shapes. The Gaia wall decorations lend a sense of contrast to the interior and adds warmth to the home, both with their round shapes, but also through the glaze applied to the products.

The range also features lanterns created as a tribute to the Earth's elements - fire and light. The lanterns are designed to be handcrafted in clay, which is then glazed using a light silky glaze or a brown rustic glaze with a metallic feel and sound. The beautiful carvings cast a soft light while throwing playful patterns and shadows on the walls once the lantern is lit.